My Stolen Life

You step into an acquaintance’s house for the first time, and discover that everything — from the furniture, to the books, to the art on the wall — is identical to your home. What happens next? (Daily writing prompt)

 The door swung open and Idaya, an acquaintance, invited me in.
“I had been waiting for you,’ she smiled, prancing to the living room. I hadn’t the faintest idea why she had invited me as we had only met a few times at a mutual friend’s party. When I stepped into the living room, my eyes widened. I stared around, surprised. Everything was a copy of my living room.

“Do you like it?” Idaya asked, “I had it recently redecorated.”
“It’s like my own home,” I said and touched the books on the shelf, reading some titles.
“Even the books are the same. Why?” I asked. Idaya looked at me not knowing what I meant. “How did you get the same stuff as I have?”
“Oh dear, don’t be ridiculous. This is my stuff. I’ve bought it in the shops. I’ve had those books for ages.”  I shook my head in disbelief and felt weird.
Stammering, I asked her, ”Why did you invite me?”
“I wanted to get to know you better. I’ve heard we share the same passions and I thought we should meet.” Idaya acted normally. She took my hand and ushered me out of the living room. “I want you to see the rest of the house.”

My jaw dropped when I saw my bedroom in her house. Everything was the same, from the covers to the paint on the wall. She had even the same brush on her vanity. I picked up the brush, turned it to see it had the same logo as my brush. My stomach was in turmoil. I felt sick and wanted to throw up.
“Is something wrong?” Idaya asked. I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. In the background, the sound of the doorbell rang. Idaya excused herself to open the door, “That must be my husband.”

I pinched myself hard to make sure I wasn’t having a bad dream. I looked up into the mirror, my face revealed my confusion. Moment later, reflected in the mirror, I saw Idaya and her husband stepping into the bath room,  both smiling and holding each other like lovers do. I was shocked, spun around and hold my finger out at her. Before I could speak, she said, “This is my husband, Navin.”

I freaked out and shouted at her, “You’ve stolen my husband and my life. He’s mine. His name is Pratab.”
Idaya laughed it off, “Don’t be silly. This is my husband.” I felt like I had entered twilight zone.
“You wicked witch,” I murmured before I went into another dimension where everything was blank. I heard laughter in the background.

Next thing I knew, I woke up in a mental hospital, confused. I saw Idaya and my husband at her side talking to a doctor. She turned her face, smiling, she sauntered towards me.  Something wicked oozed out of her. I wanted to run away from her but I was bound. “Get away from me,” I whispered. She put her hand on my head, leaned in and hissed, “You’re life is mine.” As she walked away, she flashed her false smile, and showed her true nature for a minuscule second. I saw her face changing in an alien and screamed my lungs out till the doctor sedated me. “She stole my life,” I murmured before I went into an unconscious state.


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