Writing Space

I don’t really have a well-established writing habit. I write whenever I feel the urge to do so, often in the evening when it’s quiet and life has slowed down. You could say I’m kind of a nocturnal writer as the night easily draws me in.

I would like to have a more consistent daily writing habit and I hope that this writing challenge will help me foster that, even though that I started late and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

I need my physical space to be clean, quiet and have everything at hand.

I used to write in a small rather cold room with no beautiful view. I felt cooped up and uninspired. I needed space to breath, think and let my wandering mind loose.

I changed my settings to the living room where it’s more spacious, warm, cosy and the view is better. I’ve got a lovely view at the sky and at some trees.
The change in scenery and amount of space worked well for me. I feel comfortable where I write now. Everything is at hand and I can work whenever I want to. That’s why I prefer to write at home.

But if I owned a laptop, I would certainly write once in a few weeks in a coffee shop for a short time and see how it affects my writing.

I tried a few times writing in public places with my notebook and pen, but it didn’t work well for the story I was working on. It was a great experience though to jot down characters and get some brainstorming done.

Once, I was in a funk and needed a change of scenery. I bought a round-about train ticket, which gives you the opportunity to travel for one day anywhere you want in the country, and had my notebook with me.

My goal was to get inspiration and write whatever emerged. I can’t remember if I had written much, but I do know that the journey was interesting and fun. I hopped on and off in several train stations and enjoyed watching the scenery and the people it occupied.

I dream about writing in exuberant and inspiring cities as Paris, New York, Rome and London. I think that any place there is fodder for my creativity.  Until then, I keep pounding away at my PC and view at the sky.


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