The 5th Annual Holiday Contest!

I’m participating in Susanna Leonard Hill’s holiday contest: Write a children’s story, 350 words maximum, beginning with any version of “Rocking around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop.

Here is my entry, 350 words including the title.


Frolicking around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop, the young librarian didn’t notice that something unusual was going on at the children’s section.

Small bright flashes of light flickered and three fictional characters emerged from their book. They were Cat, Ballerina and Cowboy.

Ballerina stretched herself and said, “I’ve been dreaming of residing in his breast pocket. I want to be with him all day long.”

She wasn’t going to waste any time and strutted to him. Cowboy threw a lasso at her and pulled her back.

Are you crazy. You can’t show yourself to him.”

Why not?” Ballerina demanded.

He’ll freak out. That’s what humans do when they hear fictional characters talking to them,” Cowboy replied.

Cat left to inspect the party. When he returned Cowboy and Ballerina were still fighting.

Stop arguing. We should be having fun and enjoying the party. We only have till midnight before the fairy calls us in,” Cat intervened.

We can’t risk that anyone sees us and catches us. She can’t sit in his pocket. Tell her,” Cowboy said.

You’re a bore,” Ballerina complained.

Cat bristled and arched his back. They stopped fighting.

He led them to the party and said, “Look.”

All party guests were slightly drunk and having a very good time. “He’ll probably think that his imagination has gone wild and that a beautiful fictional character has magically appeared,” Cat said.

They agreed.

If you’re in danger, I’ll have to shoot him or anyone else for the matter,” Cowboy said and played with his gun.

They decided to have fun and to watch over each other.

Don’t miss the switch at midnight or you’ll be stuck here. Watch that clock over there carefully,” Cat said.

Cat ran off to catch himself some salmon toast. Cowboy hid near the smoking director and threw his lasso at his cigar.

Ballerina climbed into the Christmas tree and tried to jump into the librarians’ pocket.

They didn’t know that a real cat had been watching them and had other plans for them.




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