New York Dreams

During meditation last week, I got the bold idea to post this request online. If you know someone who’s looking for a short-term housesitter in New York, please, think of me and respond to this thread. You would make me very happy. Read on to know why New York.

As a movie buff, New York has been on my mind since I was young. When I heard Frank Sinatra’s iconic song ‘New York, New York’ at a young age, I was immediately struck. Mesmerized. Sold. His love ode to New York touched my young heart. I felt the vibe of the city that never sleeps across the Atlantic ocean in my tiny bedroom. I played the song over and over. New York had already found its way into my imagination through movies;  this song gave it a heartbeat. I knew one day I would visit NY. Some of my favorite movies – The seven-year itch, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Fame, When Harry Met Sally, Manhattan –  were filmed in iconic New York. Ever since having decided to work on my screenwriting craft seriously, I’ve wanted to experience living in New York. I think it’s a great place for creative minds.



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